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McLeish secures Melba Highway improvements

The troublesome Melba Highway is expected to receive resealing and road reconstruction repairs during the 2022 road maintenance season.

This comes after continuous lobbying from community members and State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish who persistently raised concerns in parliament and directly to the Minister for Roads.

Ms McLeish said, “I have been calling for major improvements to be made on the Melba Highway for years, for the State Labor Government to open their eyes and invest in improving regional roads.”

“I am constantly contacted by motorists and locals who are fed up with the potholes, uneven surface, loose bitumen and broken surfaces plaguing the Melba Highway. Vehicles are being damaged by the hazards and the road is becoming dangerous.”

Since Ms McLeish’s activism, a number of improvements have been made along the Melba Highway including in troublesome spots Dixon’s Creek and Devlin’s Bridge.

Ms McLeish continues, “Works are underway in a number of locations but there is still a long way to go.”

Despite works taking place, there are still a number of ‘Rough Surface’ signs positioned on the Melba Highway from Yea to Dixons Creek, alerting drivers of upcoming hazards.

“It is time lasting repairs were made and the hazards signs taken down for good,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Speaking in parliament last year, Ms McLeish called on the Minister for Roads to drive the Melba Highway himself to see the deplorable condition of the highway and to ensure repairs were actioned. The Minister has failed to do this.


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