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Let Cindy know about the issues that matter most to you. Scroll down through the list of issues Cindy is campaigning on - or contact Cindy directly here

Common sense road rules

The Liberal Nationals believe road rules should be based on common sense.

Recently, too many road rules have been designed by bureaucrats. Some of their ideas might be good on paper, but in the real world they create more problems than they fix. We want to know what you think about a range of issues, including red lights on freeway merges, differential speed limits for trucks, and freeway speed limits.

Report a Road Hazard

Report a Road Hazard

Our local people deserve safe roads. Add your voice so that together we can call on the Andrews Labor Government to provide an immediate and urgent increase in funding for rural and regional roads in the Eildon Electorate.

Upgrade Upper Yarra Secondary College

To continue providing students a great education in our region, Daniel Andrews must provide funds for the major redevelopment of Upper Yarra Secondary College. 

Support our local students and teachers by signing this petition.Tell Daniel Andrews to give our kids the future they deserve!

Hands off the CFA!

Daniel Andrews is handing control of the CFA to the United Firefighters Union (UFU) as political payback in a secret backroom deal.

This deal will hand operational decisions to the UFU and remove the rights of volunteers and management.

Under Daniel Andrews it’s unions FIRST, volunteers LAST.

Sign the petition to put Victoria’s volunteers FIRST and tell Daniel Andrews “Hands off the CFA!” .

Support more police

The Andrews Government refuse to commit to providing the police resources our community needs.

Victoria needs an increase in frontline police numbers to keep pace with our increasing population.

The Andrews Government is failing to provide the hard-working men and women of Victoria Police with the resources they need, at a time when Victoria’s population is growing by about 100,000 people per year.

Our local community needs its voice to be heard. Sign the petition to ensure our community is not ignored by the Andrews Government.

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