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As your local voice in the Victorian Parliament, Cindy works with communities and government to ensure our region remains the best place to live and work in Victoria. Cindy's Electorate Office in Yarra Glen can assist you with a number of services including organising celebratory and congratulatory messages, helping you with government departments or organising flags for your local community organisation.



As your local voice in the Victorian Parliament Cindy can: 


  • Take your concerns directly to the relevant Minister or Department to get a response.

  • Put you in touch with a service that can assist you.

  • Assist in creating and presenting petitions to the Parliament.

  • Advise you of your rights and further action you may take.

  • Lobby Government for better resources in the community.

  • Work with you to achieve positive outcomes and to make democracy work for us all.

Celebratory Messages


Cindy can organise celebratory messages from the Prime Minister, Governor, Governor-General and/or the Queen for:


  • 90th birthdays

  • 100th birthdays

  • 50th (golden) wedding anniversaries

  • 60th (diamond) wedding anniversaries

  • 65th wedding anniversaries

  • 70th wedding anniversaries


There’s a helpful guide to congratulatory messages and what’s needed to arrange them at





Cindy can present Australian and Victorian flags for elligible community groups such as schools, sporting clubs and emergency services groups. 


If your local organisation wishes to fly a flag, please contact Cindy's Electorate Office to organise a presentation. 


Complaints and Advocacy

Local Government


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