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Households left in the dark

Parts of the Murrindindi and Yarra Ranges Shires were again thrown into darkness after recent wild winds and storms hit the region hard.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish says the Andrews Labor Government has failed thousands of Victorians who remained without power, hot water and other basic essentials for days.

Ms McLeish said, “Almost a week after damaging winds across Victoria approximately 6,000 Victorian households were still in the dark and fending for themselves.”

“The Andrews Government must ensure all families in the dark are reconnected urgently.”

Locally, hundreds of Murrindindi and Yarra Ranges Shire households and businesses were in and out of blackouts for a number of days.

The Kinglake region was hit particularly hard, with power out for close to a week. The damage was visible by the fallen debris and cut up branches lining the roads throughout Kinglake, which the SES Unit worked tirelessly to clear from the roads.

Ms McLeish said, “Our local SES services, emergency services and AusNet were working hard to get people’s power back on and clear fallen trees off roads. They were inundated with calls and worked hard to help everyone they could.”

The Andrews Labor Government must focus on reconnecting Victorians to essential services and helping local communities recover. Ms McLeish continues, “Four days on from damaging winds and Victorian families were rightfully asking why they can’t get power or access to the internet.

“I know homes in the Kinglake region were without water and power. If people do have a generator, it may have only been powerful enough to run the fridge and freezer, or pump water, not both. People shouldn’t have to choose or rotate between these essentials.”

“The State Government needs to step up to ensure generators are available to families and businesses who need them and help services get the power back on without delay,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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