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Still waiting on the Deer Management Strategy

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is exasperated at the lack of response and action taken by the government to release the deer management strategy, now a year overdue.

Ms McLeish put the question to the Minister for Agriculture in August 2019, wanting answers to the flailing deer management strategy release date, after residents expressed growing concerns about escalating deer numbers and the damage they are causing.

Ms McLeish states, “It has taken six months to receive a response from the Minister. It will take another six months for the government to release the strategy management report. It will then take another six months to put plans into action and see results. This is beyond ridiculous.”

Disappointingly, the Minister reported the final deer management strategy won’t be released until later this year.

“I have complaints constantly from locals who are fed up with their crops, vineyards and gardens being destroyed. Even worse, is reports of illegal hunting. Residents can hear gun shots close by, spot light torches being shone into their homes and often find headless carcasses left by the road,” Ms McLeish continues.

“Something needs to be done and should have been done over six months ago.”

The deer management strategy has been in the works since 2018 and are no closer to announcing solutions to the deer crisis.

Executive Officer of the Australian Deer Association, Barry Howlett says, “Increasing deer numbers in Victoria are impacting agriculture and biodiversity in the region.”

“We need a well-considered plan that takes into consideration the views of everyone in the community.”

“We have been waiting over 12 months for a practical framework that identifies actions based on the greatest needs,” Mr Howlett concludes.

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