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Call for action on illegal dumping

Victoria’s State forests could soon turn into trash heaps unless immediate action is taken by the Andrews Labor Government.

Shadow Assistant Minister for Environment Cindy McLeish MP and Liberal Candidate for Macedon Amanda Millar recently visited the Lerderderg State Park to inspect illegal dumping sites.

Mrs Millar said she was asked to inspect the park by Bullengarook residents and members of the local Landcare group.

“The level of waste that is being consistently dumped in the Lerderderg is very concerning. Daniel Andrews can’t even prevent criminal behaviour from taking place in our parks let alone on the streets of Melbourne.”

Ms McLeish called on the Andrews Labor Government to take immediate action and provide resources to catch illegal dumpers and bring them before the law.

“It is the responsibility of the government to ensure our parks are maintained to not only protect and conserve the natural environment, but to make our parks safe for visitors.”

“It is clear that methods employed by Parks Victoria to prevent dumping are simply not working.”

Illegal dumpers have been cutting locks to access fire access tracks into the forest with waste material including household, garden, commercial waste.

“Communities are having a tough enough time trying to tackle noxious weeds on their properties. The last thing we need is for people to introduce weeds into our forests by dumping their garden waste,” Ms McLeish said.

Mrs Millar said there was also evidence of illegal drug use in the park.

“Bushwalkers should be looking out for snakes and native animals, not dirty syringes discarded on the tracks.”

“It’s clear that the continuing disrespect for the law and for property is resulting in people not considering the consequences of their actions,” Mrs Millar concluded.

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