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Yarck CFA still waiting on station developments

Yarck CFA have been left hanging on the Capital Works Program wait list for five years by the State Labor Government, with no station development date in sight.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish raised concern about the prolonged period it has taken for Yarck CFA to receive support for the needed station facility upgrade.

Freedom of Information (FOI) documents requested by Ms McLeish have shown that since 2017, Yarck CFA have been listed as ‘Project Planned to be Developed’. No year was provided as to when works would begin or be completed. Data has shown Yarck CFA has been listed as a Regional Station Priority 10.

Ms McLeish said, “The Yarck CFA has been waiting for a new station for years. The Country Fire Authority purchased suitable land in 2017 to build the new station on, they are ready to go, they just need the support of the State Government.”

The current Yarck CFA station is outdated, small and no longer suitable for the requirements of the brigade and equipment.

Ms McLeish continues, “The government are turning a blind eye to CFA stations in regional Victoria, investing only small amounts in rural stations with the lions share going to integrated stations.”

For the last few years, the amount allocated to CFA brigades from the State Government has not altered.

“Each year Yarck CFA’s listing on the capital works program is being shuffled closer into the never-never,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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