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Stop neglecting regional roads

04 March 2021

It is time for the State Labor Government to stop neglecting regional roads and support shovel-ready projects that will increase road safety.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish has again called for the installation of left-turning lanes on Maroondah Highway, Bonnie Doon into Ancona Road, Coles Road, Woolshed Road and Pollock Avenue as a matter of priority.

Speaking in parliament Ms McLeish said, “Works need to be undertaken on the Maroondah Highway at Woodfield, near Bonnie Doon, to create dedicated and appropriately marked left-turning lanes.”

“This is not the first time I’ve called for left-turning lanes to be installed here. I will continue to call for it because it is a simple, low-cost work that can be done to greatly improve safety and really reduce the rise of accidents for people living in this rural part of Victoria.”

Ms McLeish, with Shadow Minister for Local Government, Tim Smith, visited the strip of highway recently to inspect how local regional roads are being affected by the lack of maintenance and attention by the State Labor Government and advocate for works to begin.

The lack of turning lanes disrupts traffic flow and puts drivers at a high risk of being rear-ended if those travelling behind are not paying attention or don’t leave enough distance between cars.

This section of Maroondah Highway carries locals and tourists going to Lake Eildon, to the snowfields, to the High Country and to Mansfield. These drivers are continuously complaining about the condition of regional roads, whether it’s the lack of sealed shoulders, slip lanes or potholes. Action needs to be taken to help make Maroondah Highway a much safer highway.

Ms McLeish continues, “Tim and I have seen these trouble spots first hand. Locals have told me they are fed up with the risk of travelling on this section of the Maroondah Highway knowing there are simple and effective improvements.”

“As I understand, and have had VicRoads explain to me, it is quite a simple fix. The roads need to be levelled, sealed and marked appropriately. The government is looking for projects to action and this one is ready to go,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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