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Still waiting for answers

It’s a good thing the State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish wasn’t holding her breath waiting for a response from the Minister for Roads regarding Maroondah Highway roadworks.

Ms McLeish raised the controversial issue in parliament in March 2020, questioning the decision by the Andrews Government not to consult the community directly when making changes to the busy highway between Coldstream and Healesville. The minister has failed to respond.

Ms McLeish said, “The road upgrade has been a public ongoing issue and it is disappointing the minister has failed to address it.”

“VicRoads missed multiple opportunities to discuss planned changes with the surrounding community. Consultation that took place early this year regarding the Black Spur would have been the perfect time to discuss planned works. There has been no communication and the situation has gone from bad to worse. Now in the midst of COVID-19 – consultation will be even more difficult.”

VicRoads failed to address the backlash from the community after announcing plans to reduce the speed limit from 100km/h to 80km/h. Since then, further changes have been made to the roadwork project involving speed limits chopping and changing resulting in speeding fines, line marking unclear and ultimately and now the project being postponed until spring 2020.

Ms McLeish continues, “The community were already frustrated with how the situation has been handled. Postponing the project has only aggravated locals more, especially since the reason provided was ‘cold and wet conditions’. Roadworks are certainly operating in other locations around the state during winter such as nearby Canterbury Road and Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. It is simply not good enough. People in the Yarra Valley are being ignored.”

“The minister needs to acknowledge and respond to the matter at hand and stop leaving the community in the dark. It would be good to know that they will consult when the time is appropriate.” Ms McLeish concludes.


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