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Lights still flashing, no one home!

05 March 2021

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish, like many locals and motorists who use the Melba Highway regularly is cranky that speed limit signs outside the closed Dixon’s Creek Primary School are still operational.

Dixon’s Creek Primary School has been closed since the beginning of Term 1, 2021 and will not re-open this year due to lack of enrolments but the signs slow the traffic to 60km an hour each morning and afternoon.

Ms McLeish said, “I have written to the minister asking that the speed signs be disengaged. It is confusing for drivers and potentially unsafe.”

There is also community concern as to whether speeding fines have been given to those travelling over the 6km/hr speed limit.

Ms McLeish continues, “We will be seeing how many, if any, drivers receive unwarranted fines.”

“This is a quick, simple fix that shouldn’t have been overlooked to begin with.”

Under Parliamentary guidelines the Minister has 30 days to respond to Ms McLeish’s request.


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