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Safety concern at Maroondah Highway pedestrian precinct

The pedestrian crossing precinct on the Maroondah Highway in Healesville is causing concern for community safety.

In parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish questioned what is being done by the State Government to combat pedestrian safety concerns at the intersection of Crowley, Lalors and Ayres Road in Healesville.

Ms McLeish said, “‘This is a very busy section of road where cars, buses, pedestrians and school children interact.”

“I have been contacted by concerned parents who worry about their school children running across the busy road to the bus stop to catch the bus to and from school, which is during peak traffic time.”

“Parents want to know their children are safe and protected by appropriate pedestrian crossing measures.”

The closest designated pedestrian crossing is over one kilometre away from the intersection. Community members believe there should be safe passage for pedestrians to cross the three-way intersection to easily access the bus stop.

Concerned local Healesville resident and parent, Eloise Wallace said, “We’d like to see either the bus stop relocated to make it easier for pedestrians to cross or drop the speed limit, install flashing pedestrian lights or ideally install a pedestrian crossing.”

The Minister responded to Ms McLeish that the Department of Transport will monitor the intersection and consider making further improvements including installing pedestrian-operated signals.

“More needs to be done to ensure pedestrian safety at this intersection. Pedestrians should not have to risk crossing in front of trucks, cars and buses,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Healesville local Chris Gander said, “A lot of people cross here, including elderly, to get their morning paper and coffee.”

“Buses and cars sit frustrated, trying to get onto the main road, while pedestrians run across the road.”


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