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River frontage license holders, you must have your say

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish, is urging river frontage license holders to comment on the recently proposed regulations to camp on licensed water frontages. This comes after landowners were put to the bottom of the list during the State Labor Government consultation process.

Consultation via the Engage Victoria website is open now and it is imperative people comment on the proposed regulations.

Ms McLeish says it is disappointing that the State Labor Government has not taken the opinion of river frontage license holders into higher consideration. It was a missed opportunity to learn from landowner’s knowledge and experience before drafting the proposed regulations.

Ms McLeish said, “10,000 farming families did not have a say when the change was made to allow campers on licensed river frontages. Now, it almost seems too late for the State Government to learn from their expertise as the regulations are already drafted.”

“I have had river frontage license holders, Landcare groups and farmers contact me, expressing their distress about the increased risk campers can cause to biosecurity and biological controls. There is also concern about fires left burning, pollution to water supply with human waste and environmental damage.”

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) have shared similar concerns about the proposed regulations and fear that landowners have been forgotten by the State Government.

Some of the proposed regulations have raised concern. These include campers being allowed to set up 100 metres away from a family home for 28 days. There are questions around the budget for camping location signage, enforcement staff and maintenance of designated portable toilets.

“I hope the State Government listens to landowners, license holders and Landcare groups very serious concerns now. But I’m not holding my breath,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Land regulation consultation closes on the 19 April 2021, with the official changes coming into effect from 1 September 2021.


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