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Regions still in lockdown despite no new cases

The Andrews Labor Government has refused to explain why communities and businesses in country Victoria can’t move to the Last Step, despite there being zero new cases in the regions for 14 days.

Health Minister Martin Foley was asked in State Parliament to provide the health advice on country restrictions including mandated mask wearing, even during solo activity like walking the dog, playing golf or fishing, and why the regions are being prevented from moving to the last step.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said moving to the last step would get more people back to work and would revive regional economies with more opportunities to spend in town.

Ms McLeish said, “The 14-day rolling average of zero cases in regional Victoria is a huge deal – it is one of the triggers for coming out of lockdown.”

Regional Victorians have done the right thing and worked hard to meet the threshold.

Unfortunately, we are tied to the city, so we need to wait for them to catch up.”

“The city centric State Labor Government may not know that regional Victoria is spacious. We’re not living on top of one another and can easily participate in recreational activities without coming across someone else.”

Leader of The Nationals Peter Walsh has written to the Government and the Chief Health Officer multiple times seeking the evidence supporting the enforced rule, but nearly seven weeks later there’s still been no response.

Mr Walsh said, “We’re all prepared to do our part, but with no new cases for 14 days and Labor’s own former Health Minister saying the Government’s suffering a ‘paralysis of decision-making’ regional Victorians are right to question the evidence supporting the continued lockdown.”

“More weeks of restrictions means more pain for regional businesses and communities – we deserve to know why we are being kept under lock and key,” Mr Walsh said.


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