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RACV confirms our regional roads are in a sorry state

The RACV’s My Country Road Survey has confirmed what we already know - our regional roads are in an appalling condition.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish says it comes as no surprise that regional highways across the Mansfield, Murrindindi and Yarra Ranges Shires have been listed as some of the most dangerous in Victoria.

Ms McLeish said, “Roads is easily one of the biggest issues in the electorate. Our roads need attention and major resurfacing works, especially on the regional highways which already pose risks to drivers due to sharp bends, animals crossing, and the variety of vehicles including trucks, caravans, horse floats and cars towing boats and trailers.”

“When wet or foggy weather impacts driver’s visibility, the roads become that much more dangerous. Throw in deep potholes, deteriorating road surface and driver’s losing concentration, it is a disaster waiting to happen.”

The My Country Road survey results found in the Yarra Ranges Shire the roads reporting the most concern were:

· Warburton Highway in Woori Yallock which had the third highest number of responses state wide.

· The notorious Black Spur from Healesville to Narbethong which received the sixth highest number of concerns.

In the Mansfield and Murrindindi Shires, the greatest roads of concern were:

· Midland Highway in Lake Nillahcootie, Mansfield

· Goulburn Valley Highway, Murrindindi

· Maroondah Highway, Murrindindi

Ms McLeish continues, “Too often the State Labor Government conducts band aid fixes for potholes or a crumbling road shoulder instead of getting to the root of the problem. Safety improvements need to be made and resurfacing plans properly addressed.”

“Listening to local knowledge about the roads they travel on daily is so incredibly important. Community members know the potential dangers on local roads and can identify what safety improvements need to be made.”

The My Country Road survey used an interactive map showing high-speed roads with large concentrations of crashes causing fatalities or serious injury in regional Victoria.

Survey results found that 46 per cent of people listed dangerous driver behaviour as the biggest contributing factor to safety conditions on our regional roads. Road maintenance and infrastructure including potholes, narrow lanes, limited overtaking opportunities and intersection safety issues closely followed.

“The survey confirms what we already know, but I hope the State Labor Government will take on board these statistics and improve regional roads,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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