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Protestors tear down Melbourne’s reputation

The violent protests in the streets of Melbourne are tearing down our city’s reputation as a safe, attractive place to visit and enjoy.

The riots, violent brawls and disrespect shown to our police force and historical landmarks over the past week by protesting mobs have decimated Melbourne’s position as a leading city.

Images and footage of the violent protests has been shared on the world stage, causing significant damage to Melbourne’s reputation. Melbourne has been brought to its knees taking hit after hit from the lockdowns, restrictions and now out of control riots.

The time it will take Melbourne to recover from this negativity and violence from its own people is time the tourism and accommodation sector’s simply do not have.

The accommodation sector is not expected to recover to pre-pandemic numbers until 2024. Melbourne’s tourism sector is struggling to stay afloat and can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Under the Andrews Labor Government, Melbourne has lost its crown as the most liveable city, lost major sporting events including the upcoming AFL Grand Final and brought the hospitality and tourism industry to its knees. Out of control riots in the streets is another hit on the long list of failures.

Victoria needs a new plan to get our state back to the attractive city we all know and love.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Sport, Cindy McLeish:

“Melbourne has always been a safe city, full of art, culture, hospitality and major sporting events. Not anymore.

“Melbourne’s tourism industry is shot. First brought to its knees by Daniel Andrews yo-yo lockdowns and harsh restrictions that have gone on for nearly two years. Now, the violent protests are another slap in the face.

“Victorians needs a new plan to get Melbourne back on track and rebuild our reputation as a safe, welcoming city.”


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