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Our plan to rebuild the CFA: community consultation begins

In July this year, State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish MP with the Liberal Nationals announced their plan to rebuild the Country Fire Authority (CFA) following the implementation of the Andrews Labor Government’s disastrous fire services reforms.

A key part of the Liberal Nationals’ plan is to engage directly with CFA volunteers and key stakeholders.

Ms McLeish is pleased to support the beginning of direct community consultation with CFA volunteers which is the central plank of the plan to Rebuild the CFA.

Ms McLeish said, “Hearing directly from CFA volunteers is the only way to rebuild the CFA as an independent, volunteer and equal fire service.”

“CFA volunteers and members have done so much to protect our community and are essential to this state’s fire preparedness and response. It is important to listen to their voices, knowledge and years of experience.”

As part of this consultation phase, the Liberal Nationals will establish a CFA Advisory Committee, comprising of members with extensive experience in Victoria’s emergency services.

This Committee will be tasked with seeking and reviewing feedback from CFA volunteers and key stakeholders and will provide recommendations to the Liberal Nationals on the future redevelopment of the CFA.

This Committee will be chaired by Jack Rush QC who played a pivotal role as Counsel assisting in the Black Saturday Bushfire Royal Commission.

Mr Rush said, “This process provides a critical opportunity to promote the interests of a most precious resource, volunteer firefighters and to ensure the future of the State’s largest fire agency – the CFA.”

The Committee will also consist of:

· Craig Lapsley PSM, former Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner

· John Peberdy, former member and acting-chair of the CFA Board

· Ev Duke, former member of the SES board

· Adam Barnett, Chief Executive Officer of Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV)

· Three CFA volunteers who will be nominated by the VFBV

Under a Liberal Nationals Government, CFA volunteers will receive the support and respect they rightly deserve.

Visit the Rebuild the CFA website to share your support


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