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One million Victorian kids to benefit from Keeping Kids Moving program

Up to one million Victorian kids will benefit under the Liberals and Nationals’ Keeping Kids Moving program, offering $200 vouchers for school enrolled children to participate in sport, dance, scouts or other active recreation.

The Keeping Kids Moving program will provide school children with a voucher valued up to $200 each year for the next two years, to be used to join a sporting club, take lessons, for seasonal registration fees, or be part of other active recreation groups by approved providers.

We know active children are happier and healthier, and that young people benefit physically, mentally, and socially from participation in sport and being part of a team.

Children missed out on crucial community sporting activities due to COVID-19 restrictions, while sporting clubs struggled with declining membership numbers. It’s now more important than ever to get kids back into sport and encourage activity and teamwork.

Our program will reward hard-working Victorians families by giving them the financial relief they deserve and by easing hip-pocket pressures.

A capped number of vouchers (up to 500,000 per year for two years) will be available each year accessible to families across Victoria. We will work in partnership with sporting associations and active recreation organisations to maximise the benefits these vouchers provide.

This commitment also complements our Healthy Lunches program which will provide free, healthy and nutritious school lunches each day to improve student health and wellbeing, and to support families with the task and cost of daily school lunches.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said by reducing the financial barrier parents may face, we can give our kids a chance to play sport who may not have had the opportunity before.

“Our Keeping Kids Moving program is a real solution in lowering the cost of sport for all Victorian children and making an active, healthy lifestyle more accessible for families.

“This is yet another part of our plan to reward hard-working families, and can only be afforded because we are reining in Daniel Andrews’ spiralling debt, and cutting waste such as the $4.7 billion West Gate tunnel blow-out.”

Shadow Minster for Sport, Cindy McLeish, said only a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will back Victorian families by delivering this much-needed program.

“Participation in sport drastically declined as a result of two years of lockdowns and this program is exactly what’s needed to get our childrens’ physical and social development back on track.”

Liberal Candidate for Nepean, Sam Groth, said sporting clubs were the backbone of many local communities.

“The Liberals and Nationals recognise this and want to remove financial barriers to increase inclusiveness so all children can be involved, active and develop their skills.” This policy is capped at $200 million over two years


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