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No traffic count for McMahons Creek

The State Labor Government has not conducted a traffic count on the Warburton-Woods Point Road in and around Reefton and McMahons Creek for over seven years. This is despite removing the McMahons Creek pedestrian bridge in 2017 and placing pedestrians at greater risk.

Speaking in parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish asked the Minister to provide traffic count data, but the State Labor Government came back empty handed.

This comes as a surprise given the controversial removal of McMahons Creek pedestrian bridge and the huge increase in heavy vehicle traffic with construction works at the Upper Yarra Reservoir.

Ms McLeish said, “It’s concerning that traffic was not monitored before the Andrews Labor Government elected to remove the pedestrian bridge. The decision has forced community members to walk along busy and dangerous Woods Point Road with no safe alternative.”

The last traffic data collected by the State Government in 2014 shows the road carries approximately 650 vehicles per day.

Ms McLeish continues, “For over four years, Reefton and McMahons Creek community members have voiced their concern and fears about walking along the side of the road, especially for school students, yet nothing has been done.”

As a result of Ms McLeish’s inquiry, the Minister has actioned an investigation into the traffic patterns along Warburton-Woods point Road, between Reefton and McMahons Creek. It is expected that this study will be completed by the end of 2021.


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