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No action in a hurry for Woods Point Road bridge crossing

The State Labor Government will only investigate and monitor the Yarra River bridge crossing on Woods Point Road, East Warburton rather than action upgrades to ensure safe pedestrian access.

Speaking in Parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish requested works to be undertaken to make it safe for pedestrians to across the river.

Ms McLeish said, “Anyone who has used this bridge – school children, cyclists, walkers and drivers – can see how dangerous it is for pedestrians.”

“Walking and cycling along the Yarra River are very popular activities, yet there is no safe crossing point or link between the Warburton Trail and the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail. It is putting pedestrians at risk.”

The Woods Point Road is a busy road and can be dangerous for pedestrians if drivers are not paying attention or expecting pedestrians to be crossing at the bridge.

Concerns were raised by Millwarra Primary School staff, Warburton Valley CEDA group and locals who support the call for pedestrian access on the bridge.

Ms McLeish continues, “The bridge is regularly crossed by students and staff at Millwarra Primary School’s East Warburton Campus. When they cross, police attendance is required to stop traffic. If police are unable to attend, this is undertaken by school staff and parents, who are sometimes verbally abused by motorists. This is not good enough.”

“Action needs to be taken before someone is hurt. The State Labor Government must listen to local concerns. More than monitoring and investigating needs to be done to create a safe crossing,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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