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New plan to make regional roads safer once and for all

When roads get bad in regional Victoria, Daniel Andrews lowers the speed limit.

There isn’t a corner of regional Victoria that doesn’t have a road riddled with potholes patched with temporary fixes. It is not just unacceptable; it is downright dangerous.

That’s why a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will implement a $10 billion commitment to road maintenance over 10 years and conduct an audit of all state-managed roads within six months of forming government.

Victorians have a clear choice between Daniel Andrews and Labor making you drive slower, or the Liberals and Nationals improving your roads properly

When the cost of Labor’s major projects in Melbourne blows out, it’s regional Victorians that miss out.

Despite the pleas from the regions, and a warning from the Auditor General in 2017, Labor cut the road maintenance budget by 10 per cent when it came to government and cut a further $215 million over the past two budgets.

Unlike Labor, the Liberals and Nationals will deliver safer journeys for all Victorians, from Mildura to Mallacoota, Warrnambool to Wodonga.

Whether it’s major arterial roads such as the Maroondah, Melba, Warburton, and Goulburn Valley Highways, or less travelled roads vital for smaller townships and farming communities, only the Liberals and Nationals have real solutions for better roads right across the state.

Victorians have a clear choice, more potholes, lowered speed limits and temporary fixes under the Daniel Andrews Labor Government. Or a new Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government with a clear vision to make regional roads safer once and for all.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Matt Guy, said regional Victorians are being left behind as the Andrews Government sends $28 billion down the drain on city infrastructure cost blow outs.

“When roads crumble in regional Victoria, Daniel Andrews lowers the speed limit. Unlike Labor, we will make the roads safer,” Mr Guy said.

“The Victorian Liberals and Nationals will deliver better roads through billions of dollars in investment to ensure everyone can get to work and crucial appointments, safely and on time.

“Safe roads save lives. Roads budget cuts have never made sense as we watch our road network fall into a state of disrepair.”

Shadow Minister for Roads Danny O’Brien said the Liberals and Nationals have listened to Victorians who are sick and tired of dodging potholes and crumbling road shoulders.

“The Andrews Labor Government has neglected Victoria’s road network, ignoring the genuine concern of road users across the state,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals will rebuild the state’s road network and invest in what really matters to everyday Victorians.”

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish said the state of roads in her electorate was one of the major issues raised by constituents.

“The roads across the electorate are in a terrible condition, costing drivers thousands of dollars in tyre and car repairs and posing safety risks to drivers.”

“For too long the Andrews Labor Government has made band aid fixes to potholes that never last, whacked up road hazard signs and dropped the speed limit to deal with the crumbling roads across the electorate. This is simply not good enough and people are tired of it.”

“Our roads need to be repaired properly to ensure they are able to carry the vast variety of vehicles and most importantly, to ensure drivers safety. That’s what the Liberals and Nationals will deliver.”


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