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Mt Donna Buang road falls away

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish, like many locals is greatly concerned about the lack of attention given to a land slip on Mt Donna Buang Road which has washed away part of the road

In parliament last week, Ms McLeish asked the Minister for Roads to take immediate action to repair the road near the Rain Forest Gallery.

Ms McLeish said, “Those who have travelled to Mt Donna Buang recently would know the road is now one lane only and managed by construction traffic lights, as the opposite side has literally been swept away and dragged down the embankment. It is quite shocking to see.”

“The limited access to the road is also a major concern as we approach bushfire season. If the road worsens, emergency vehicles will be unable to access the mountain. This is simply not good enough.”

“With restrictions easing tourists will again be heading this way.”

Ms McLeish also asked the minister to provide and install concrete bollards at the 10 Mile Carpark to limit the ongoing hooning activity which has been plaguing the carpark and destroying the surrounding area.

Ms McLeish has been part of a local working group trying to improve the Donna Buang area and put a stop to hooni

ng. Coordinated by Sergeant Tom Wilkinson, Warburton Police and David Pratt from the Warburton Holiday Park, the group brings together government agencies such as Parks Victoria and VicRoads and community representatives include the Warburton Advancement League and Yarra Ranges Shire Cr Jim Child. The group recognises the need for and is working to improve conditions at the Mt Donna Buang precinct.

Ms McLeish continues, “These groups have done a great job working together with the goal to better the mountain. Installation of a dozen bollards is a project that can be achieved quickly and effectively and is well supported by these representatives.”

“Community members want to see Mt Donna Buang hit its full potential and become an admired and thriving destination again. The issues are known, and solutions are being provided, the minister just needs to take action,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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