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More potholes, ruts and cracks: the Road Minister’s budget promise

The Andrews Labor Government has doubled down on its cuts to the state’s crumbling road network, cutting even more funding for maintenance of the state’s roads.

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish said community members have again been let down by the budget cuts.

“This was the time for the Andrews Labor Government to invest in roads and finally bring them up to standard.”

“Our roads are in the worst condition I have seen them and only getting worse. Locals are sick and tired of the potholes, uneven camber, reoccurring damage and broken surfaces.”

A further $24 million has been cut from the road asset management program, after $191 million, 23 per cent, was slashed in last year’s State Budget.

The Road Asset Management spend now sits at $592.7million, down from $807.4m two years ago.

Ms McLeish said, “Everyone knows the Melba Highway, Maroondah Highway, Goulburn Valley Highway, Warburton Highway, and smaller roads throughout the electorate are in dire need of repairs.”

“Although small works are being done, more substantial investments need to be made.”

“A strong investment in roads is not a big ask of a government that is happy to let $24 billion disappear through wasteful cost blowouts and project mismanagement in Melbourne.”

The Andrews Labor Government has put Victoria in $170 billion debt, caused a massive $4.7 billion blowout to the West Gate Tunnel project which will now cost $10.2 billion and be delivered 8 years late and robbed the community of hip-pocket relief, instead hitting them with billions of dollars of increased taxation.

“The city-centric Labor Government needs to open their eyes and get in touch with everyday Victorian’s who suffer these dangerous roads daily. Our roads need investment and need repairs,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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