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Melba Highway Dixons Creek repair works a no go

The Andrews Labor Government has failed to meet its commitment to repair the Melba Highway at Dixons Creek prior to the Christmas holidays.

In November 2021, State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish called on the Minister for Roads to ensure repairs on the Melba Highway were actioned and to drive the Melba Highway himself to see the dire need for roadworks.

The Minister responded that “the Department of Transport (DoT) will undertake permanent pavement repair works on Melba Highway at Dixons Creek prior to the Christmas Holidays”. It has not.

Ms McLeish said, “I have had so many complaints from locals about the condition of the road. Drivers are exasperated those repairs at Dixons Creek have still not been completed and are getting worse.”

“The lanes are so eroded that speed humps have been created in the middle of the road between the lanes. It is a disaster waiting to happen.”

“It is no surprise that one of the worst roads in my electorate is the Melba Highway, which I drive daily. It is occasionally subject to quick fixes but no lasting repairs.”

The Andrews Labor Government continues to lower speed limits on major roads across the region and erect warning signs at dangerous hotspots, rather than actioning the urgent repairs. Regional road repairs are continuously being bumped down the list of importance and ignored by the Andrews Labor Government.

Ms McLeish continues, “Lowering speed limits, increasing commuters travel time and whacking a sign up does not fix the road. That’s not even a band aid fix - that’s just a time delay,” Ms McLeish said.

“I saw 11 warning signs along the Melba Highway in early January and no road works taking place. It’s a disgrace.”

“Regional roads get very little attention and repairs that do not actually last. People are fed up and rightly so,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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