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McLeish commits to major surface works at Yea Football Netball Club

The Liberals have committed $300,000 to undertake major ground works at Yea Football Netball Club to help improve the condition of the playing surface.

The commitment includes funding for drainage works, leveling and installation of an irrigation system to improve the quality of the ground and prevent the surface from becoming unplayable.

After a tough year on the field for the Yea Tigers, plus the inability to host finals matches due to the grounds condition, this funding will help to guarantee more home games while improving the overall condition of the ground for the local football club and cricket club.

State Liberal Member for Eildon and Shadow Minister for Sport Cindy McLeish knows this development is necessary and will make a positive impact on the club’s future.

“Community sport is such an integral part of small towns. These works are essential on so many levels, especially to ensure members can train and play on their home ground again.”

“The Liberals are committing to works that will fix issues for years to come. Poor drainage of the oval has caused the ground to become unsafe to play on and prevented Yea Tigers from hosting games in the 2022 season.”

“It is important to ensure all sporting clubs, big or small, are able to offer their players and members quality and usable grounds that match the rest of the competition.”

President of Yea Football Club, Duncan Newcomen said, “We’ve had a pretty tough year. It was made tougher with the loss of a finals match because the ground was unplayable. The lost opportunity was also a hit to the clubs fundraising revenue.”

President of Yea Cricket Club, Andrew Butterworth said, “It’s important that the cricket club has a good playing surface. It makes a positive difference to club morale and players enthusiasm.”


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