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McLeish calls to repair Badger Weir Picnic Area road

Badger Weir Picnic Ara entry road is in shambles again, causing discomfort to visitors and damaging a major asset in the Yarra Ranges.

Speaking in Parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish requested the Minister ensue the road be repaired as a matter of priority.

Ms McLeish said, “Locals and visitors are sick and tired of suffering the discomfort of dodging, weaving and driving over unavoidable potholes.”

In 2020 Ms McLeish called on the Minister to organise road repairs. The Minister responded with “longer-term works due to commence by March 2021 … works will include the installation of a new culvert to improve drainage, and re-sealing the road surface.”

Clearly, the repairs either did not occur, or did not last.

This led to Ms McLeish writing to the Minister in April this year, raising concerns that the damage to the road has reoccurred. The Minister has not yet responded.

Ms McLeish continues, “I visited the park again last week and was gobsmacked to see, again, the terrible condition the entrance road is in, and it is only going to get worse during winter.”

Visitors have told Ms McLeish the appalling condition of the road is causing severe discomfort for drivers and that they run a risk of damaging their cars from the potholes.

The road is filled with deep potholes, crumbling surfaces, loose bitumen and soft shoulders.

“This is an asset to the Yarra Valley and a popular destination, and it needs to be cared for and fixed,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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