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McLeish calls to abandon proposed Yarra Valley bus service plans

The proposed changes to the Yarra Valley bus service will see routes merge and regional lines be cut short.

Speaking in Parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish called for the Minister to abandon his plans to alter the bus routes in the Yarra Valley which extend into the Murrindindi shire. The proposed changes will abolish route 687, merge route 686 into route 685 and significantly cut short route 684.

Ms McLeish said, “These cuts and changes are deeply unpopular in the communities they serve. Passengers like their bus travel. They appreciate the assistance of the bus drivers and like the comfort and safety buses provide.”

“I have heard from many concerned locals who say they don’t feel safe on trains and will not be able to manage their luggage or easily navigate connecting trains and trams.”

“Regional residents tell me they feel ripped off and are being treated as unworthy of receiving the same level of services as those in Metropolitan Melbourne despite paying taxes and the same fares for service.”

Despite community uproar, submitted complaints, media coverage and Ms McLeish’s e-petition with 497 signatures tabled in parliament, the Public Transport Victoria website still reports final changes to the Yarra Valley bus network will be introduced in late 2022.

“Cancelling this direct service will severely impact these communities. This is why I asked the Minister not to disenfranchise all of those bus passengers. Ditch the plans to abandon these routes,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Under Parliamentary guidelines the Minister has 30 days to respond to Ms McLeish’s request.


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