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McLeish calls for Warburton Highway repair

The Warburton Highway is in a deplorable condition, plagued with potholes and posing risks to drivers’ safety.

Speaking in Parliament last week, State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish asked the Minister for Roads what works are planned to repair the Warburton Highway and when the works will occur.

Ms McLeish said, “I have been told by Upper Yarra residents that they have never seen the highway in such a bad state. Motorists are calling the potholes around Woori Yallock a death trap.”

“I drive the highway regularly and have seen for myself the shocking state of it. It is full of potholes and rough surfaces. It needs serious attention now.”

Ms McLeish has been advocating for safety measures and repairs to be implemented on the Warburton Highway for over seven years.

In 2020, Ms McLeish conducted an online survey to find out where the community believe high risk areas are along the Warburton Highway and what needs to be done. A staggering 95 per cent of participants wanted to see safety improvements made along the highway at high-risk collision areas, including turning lanes and traffic lights.

To date, no drastic safety improvements have been made by the State Labor Government. This year’s State Budget showed a further $24 million was cut from the Road Asset Management Program, after $191 million, 23 per cent, was slashed in the previous State Budget. The Road Asset Management spend now sits at $592.7million, down from $807.4m two years ago.

The Liberals know how important country highway maintenance is and will invest. The Liberals have already pledged $5 million to fix Peters Road and Warburton Highway intersection if elected in November as a start.

Ms McLeish continues, “The Liberals election pledge is a great start to actively improving the condition and safety of the Warburton Highway.”

“Potholes and surface repairs need to occur immediately, followed by long term safety measures to protect drivers and action plans to improve the highway,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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