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McLeish calls for repairs on Warburton-Woods Point Road

The Warburton-Woods Point Road is once again in shambles and in desperate need of a permanent repair solution.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish once again called on the Minister for Roads to ensure Warburton-Woods Point Road between Nine Mile Road and St Clair is graded and potholes filled. Ms McLeish also requested an update for the possible improvements to be made to the entire length of the road.

Ms McLeish said, “The Warburton-Woods Point Road is a constant cause of concern for drivers. Quick fix repairs are made and never last.”

In November 2021, Ms McLeish requested the Minister organise for the road to be repaired and bituminised to offer drivers relief from the 50km of gravel road filled with erosion, massive crevices, and clusters of potholes. The Minister responded that investigations of possible improvements would take place.

Ms McLeish continues, “Clearly no further action to permanently repair the road has occurred since the Minister’s response. Surrounding community members want to see this road fixed and bituminised.”

Locals have told Ms McLeish they are frustrated and tired of the condition of the road. Deep potholes plague the gravel road, thick mud develops after rain and the shoulders have completely fallen away in areas. The road is regularly used by heavy vehicles including timber trucks and four-wheeled drives which increases pressure on the roads surface.

“More attention to maintenance needs to be provided to accommodate all manor of vehicles, including large trucks. The roads current condition can be dangerous for all drivers. Serious repairs need to occur,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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