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McLeish calls for necessary safety improvements on Heidelberg-Kinglake Road

The Heidelberg-Kinglake Road has been the cause of community angst for years. There are ongoing safety concerns about sharp bends and the narrowness of the road which is particularly dangerous when accessed by large trucks and cyclists.

Devastatingly, a fatal accident occurred in May this year, after a young woman’s car veered off the road hitting a tree. This accident further highlighted safety concerns on the road and the urgent need for action.

Speaking in parliament, State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish called on the Minister for Roads to meet with Murrindindi and Nillumbik Councillors and drive from St Andrews to Kinglake, and back again, to understand the dangers of the road and note important safety measures that can be made.

Ms McLeish said, “You really do have to experience the road firsthand to understand the countless risks. That is why it is so important for the Minister to experience it himself.”

“I have been contacted by representatives from both Murrindindi and Nillumbik Councillors who want to see this road made safe. The community are also desperate for safety improvements to be undertaken along this road. They have been waiting for too long.”

Barriers need to be added along the side of the road to prevent drivers and cyclists from dropping off the cliff, road maintenance needs to take place and widening of the road where possible. The current signs in place to prevent trucks travelling the road clearly are not effective, alternative options need to be considered.

The road is even more treacherous during bad weather, which is quite frequent in Kinglake. Kinglake is known for fog and it is difficult to see sharp bends in the rain and at night.

Ms McLeish continues, “Despite the challenges of this road it is used daily by many, particularly those in Kinglake travelling south to work, Hurstbridge Station or to school.”

“It is also a popular road for cyclists but very risky for both cyclists and drivers. There is simply not enough room for drivers to pass safely, which causes traffic to crawl. It is a major point of tension in the community that needs to be resolved.”

“For these reasons, the road must be made as safe as possible. Serious action needs to be taken and the Andrews Labor Government needs to listen,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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