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McLeish calls for Mansfield SES and Emergency Services Precinct funding

19 March 2021

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish has again called for the State Government to provide funding to upgrade Mansfield SES facilities and help establish an emergency services precinct.

Speaking in Parliament, Ms McLeish said, “Everyone knows that the current SES

facility is not up to scratch. It is outdated and can no longer accommodate the extensive equipment Mansfield SES own.

“I have visited this SES facility many times, most recently last month. I again met with the members, heard their concerns and what they believe is the best way to improve facilities. They are very keen for upgraded premises which they know are overdue.

Mansfield SES do more than the expected SES brigade tasks as they cover vast, rugged terrain through the High Country, Alpine National Park and Lake Eildon with trucks and water vessels.

Mansfield is a growth pocket, full of innovation and ideas about what can be done better. Upgrading SES facilities and establishing an emergency services precinct will ultimately benefit the whole township, local and surrounding communities and emergency service workers. It is imperative that funding is provided.

Ms McLeish continues, “I have raised this matter in Parliament a number of times dating back to 2015 because it is really important.

“The government need to work with the council and the SES to make sure that they establish an emergency services precinct and an appropriate modern facility.

“It is very well known—and I understand that the government also know—how high a priority this need is.

An analysis of Mansfield shire’s annual report in 2019 shows that the SES do over 8,000 hours a year, with half a million dollars’ worth of services. 55 per cent of the services are for state assets, such as forests, roads and waterways—and certainly a lot of emergency support for the tourist industry. SES units operate 24 hours a day and are of great assistance to Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. They need facilities capable of housing their extensive equipment and modern enough to accommodate their varied tasks.

If funding is not provided in this budget, it could easily be pushed back a further two to three years before the community see the emergency services precinct built.

I urge the minister to put money in this budget rather than the following budget to get this established and moving,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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