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McLeish calls for direct consultation on licensed water frontages

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish has called for direct consultation to take place with landowners and Landcare groups in regard to camping on licensed river frontages.

Speaking in parliament, Ms McLeish pleaded with the Minister for Environment to listen to the concerns and issues raised by license holders and Landcare groups, who have not been offered a chance to make their voices heard.

Ms McLeish said, “There must be genuine consultation – not just with representative groups and not through the engage Victoria website but with individuals who hold and pay for licenses and manage the land. Consultations need to be personal, engaged and proactive.”

Around 10,000 farming families who hold water frontage licenses in Victoria, had not heard from the Government about the proposed changes.

Ms McLeish continues, “I have reiterated the concerns raised with me by many landholders and Landcare groups including biosecurity and farming biological control risks, the possible pollution to water supply with human waste and the large list of environmental concerns.”

“The State Labor Government needs to wake up and open their eyes to the threats that lay ahead for the agriculture industry if things go pear shaped.”

“The minister needs to urgently discuss these risks with farmers and Landcare groups who work to mitigate risks every day and establish solutions.” Ms McLeish concludes.

Allowing people to camp on licensed river frontages used by farmers for stock grazing can be detrimental to the high ethical standards of Australia’s primary meat production and their clean and green credentials. These requirements are compromised when unregulated and uncontrolled property access by vehicles and people occur.


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