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Maroondah Highway roadwork deserted

Residents in Healesville have certainly noticed the roadworks along the Maroondah Highway between Healesville and Coldstream come to a halt since winter due to ‘cold and wet’ weather conditions.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish expected works would have resumed and is now questioning the reasoning behind the delays, especially since other roadworks in surrounding areas continued during the winter period.

Ms McLeish said, “Roadworks in other locations did not cease during winter, it makes no sense that Maroondah Highway has been suspended for this long. We were told roadworks would resume in spring, yet nothing is happening.”

Reports are circulating heavily through the community that the postponement of roadworks is related to funding issues.

Ms McLeish continues, “Locals are questioning the reasons behind the delayed roadworks and they’re right to. The situation needs to be clarified by the State Labor Government.”

“Safety cones, hazard signs and reduced speed limit signs are set up along the Maroondah Highway with no workers present, no construction happening and no machinery onsite. The community must be given an explanation.”

Road works are expected to be completed by December 2020, but with the deadline fast approaching and limited progress made, it doesn’t seem likely.

“We are quickly approaching the peak trade and tourism season for the Yarra Valley. Now COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease, people will be traveling along the Maroondah Highway to holiday destinations. The road needs to be ready,” Ms McLeish concludes.

VicRoads announced road works were taking place beginning on 1 March 2020, including added turning lanes and left-hand side barriers in high risk locations, intersection improvements and centreline rumble strips, wide centre line treatment and the speed limit drop to 80km/h between Coldstream and Healesville.


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