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Local residents to benefit from new dental voucher scheme

Up to 32,000 Victorians needing priority dental treatment will benefit from a new $500 dental voucher scheme to be introduced by a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish, said the Liberals and Nationals will provide $500 dental vouchers to Victorians to halve the dental waitlist within two years.

“Currently, people on the public dental waitlist are forced to either wait for over two years-plus until their dental appointment comes up or find $500 or more that they don’t have and go to a private dentist.”

“Our vouchers will allow high priority public dental patients to access private dental services as soon as possible.”

Further, in a major funding boost to public dental services, $200 million in additional funding over four years, will be invested to increase base funding capacity to the sector.

Under the Andrews Labor Government, the number of Victorians awaiting critical dental care remains unacceptably high at more than 64,000, with the average public dental waiting period now 26.7 months.

Ms McLeish said, “Our commitment to halve public dental waitlists and to significantly boost public dental funding is an important part of the Liberals and Nationals’ plan to fix the health crisis and provide assistance to struggling families.”

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have real solutions to fix the health crisis, boost public dental funding and halve dental waitlists within two years.”

“We can only do this because we are reining in Daniel Andrews’ spiralling debt and cutting waste such as the $4.7 billion West Gate tunnel blowout.”

More information on our Real Solutions for all Victorians plan can be found at


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