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Little Aths kids sent home

Parents were left outraged after their children were turned away and barred from participating in Little Athletics, due to the State Labor Government’s double Covid vaccination mandate for parents.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish believes the last-minute mandate was heartless and came without warning for families who were forced to pack up and go home.

Speaking in Parliament, Ms McLeish said, “I was horrified to hear that children were excluded from participating in Little Athletics on their first weekend back because of their parents’ vaccination status.”

“This massive overreach by the State Labor Government is despite Little Athletics being held outdoors with social distancing in place, on public land and centres able to adhere to COVID-safe procedures.”

The State Labor Government finally backflipped on their controversial decision after receiving backlash from angry parents and Little Athletic officials.

Ms McLeish continues, “Unfortunately, Daniel Andrews’ backtrack was not soon enough before the kids who were excited to return to sport were turned away. Parents are owed an apology, not just a backflip.”


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