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Liberals will deliver Wesburn Primary School speed zone lights

Wesburn Primary School will finally receive the electronic safety lights it desperately needs under a Matt Guy led Liberal and Nationals’ Government.

Installing electronic 40-kilometre speed signs on the Warburton Highway outside Wesburn Primary School will increase the safety of crossing supervisors, students, teachers, and parents, by alerting drivers to slow down.

Traffic along the Warburton Highway past Wesburn Primary School is heavy, and the school community have long been concerned about the volume and speed of the traffic that passes by. Heavy fog regularly covers the road and obscures drivers’ vision, making the highway even more dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish will do what the Andrews Labor Government failed to for over eight years and make safety a priority outside Wesburn Primary School by installing electronic speed signs.

“I have been calling for this safety measure to be installed on the Warburton Highway, outside Wesburn Primary School since 2016. It has always fallen on deaf ears.”

“The State Government have installed electronic speed signs in the former Deputy Premier’s electorate, where the traffic is less and roads safer.”

“The current signage at Wesburn Primary School is proving to be quite ineffective — the traffic is not slowing — and school community members are concerned that vehicles are speeding in excess of 40 kilometres per hour on a regular basis.”

“Electronic speed limit signs are a necessity in this location. Parents should be able to send their kids to school and have the confidence that they will arrive there safely."

*Photo attributed to Star Mail Newspaper


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