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Liberals will deliver Healthy lunches for public school students

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will ensure that all Victorian public-school students will receive a free, healthy and nutritious lunch each day through the Healthy Lunches Program.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said this ambitious plan will improve student health and wellbeing, and support families with the task and cost of daily school lunches.

“Providing a healthy lunch not only improves nutrition and energy levels for students, but has well documented learning and educational benefits as well,” Ms McLeish said.

Literature and research suggests that as many as a third of students in some cohorts are either not eating a proper lunch, or are experiencing food insecurity at school.

The Liberals and Nationals’ Healthy Lunches program will commence as a two-year $300 million pilot, with rollout initially targeted into selected state primary schools in the second half of 2023. It is anticipated that the program could be available to all state schools by 2026.

The Healthy Lunches program will:

· Provide a free quality healthy lunch to students in all year levels (Prep to Year 12)

· Have meal options assessed by a panel of nutrition experts

· Be an opt-in program, with parents choosing lunches via an app or website

· Provide a boost to local small to medium businesses to cater to schools

· Provide a real solution to food insecurity and cost of living pressures for families

Ms McLeish continues, “This is an exciting program that will ensure our kids receive the nutrition they need while easing some pressure off hard working parents.”

“With the cost of living continuing to rise, our Plan will help the household budget,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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