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Liberals support Yarck CFA station rebuild

The Liberals have committed to undertake the much needed rebuild of the Yarck CFA station.

The current Yarck CFA Station is outdated, small, and no longer suitable for the requirements of the brigade and equipment. It cannot fit the FCV inside and the toilet doubles as the changeroom. The station is inconveniently located on the main road in Yarck and surrounded by quaint shops.

The new station development will be built on land purchased by the Country Fire Authority in 2017, off the main road in Yarck. Developments will include expanding the station from a 2 bay to 3 bay station, modern facilities and changerooms, and ample storage space.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said that Yarck CFA Brigade members have been waiting and ready for years for this rebuild to finally take place.

“This has been an ongoing project for the Yarck CFA, and I am thrilled to be providing funding for this development to improve local emergency services in a high fire risk area.”

“This investment by the Liberals and Nationals backs our CFA and ensures Yarck have the best facilities possible while helping keep our community safe.”

“Only a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will deliver the Yarck CFA Brigade and surrounding community with a new and improved station that they need and deserve.”


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