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Liberals Nationals to open up Eildon Pondage for recreation

The Eildon Pondage is set for a major recreational shake up under a Matt Guy led Liberals and Nationals Government.

For too long locals have eyed off the pondage as a great place for increased recreational activity, particularly non-motorised water activity.

A Matt Guy Government will open up the Eildon Pondage so locals and visitors will finally be able to enjoy non-motorised water activity safely in the area. As is the current situation, for safety reasons swimming will not be permitted.

Outdoor education providers have also been advocating for the use of the pondage for a long period of time and on occasion have been granted access permits. These providers are so important to the local economy.

Minimal work needs to be undertaken to make the pondage as safe as possible and to limit activity to the areas where the current is less.

Eildon is a small town with much untapped tourism opportunity. This change will benefit locals, tourists, outdoor education providers and school groups alike and will attract new small businesses offering recreational attraction.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish, said she was excited to announce the expanded utilisation of the pondage which will allow a larger range of outdoor activities in the area.

“This decision will open up the pondage for increased use for safe water-based activities including kayaking, canoeing, water bikes and the like – all non-motorised vessels.”

“The pondage has so much potential yet is underutilised. This change will allow people to experience the best Eildon has to offer.”

“Eildon is a unique, picturesque part of Victoria. I’m glad to be encouraging visitation to the area which will benefit local businesses and hospitality.”

“I know Council is keen to improve the pondage area which in future could see additional seating areas, canoe launch and fishing platform.”


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