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Liberals commit to improving Heidelberg-Kinglake Road safety for drivers

The Heidelberg-Kinglake Road is set to receive safety upgrades under a Matt Guy Liberal Government, if elected in November.

For too long the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road has been a challenge and at times dangerous for all vehicles travelling the narrow, windy, steep road between St Andrews to Kinglake.

A Matt Guy led Liberal Government will ensure improvements are made including the widening of the road in narrow sections and the installation of guard rail barriers on dangerous corners, to keep road users safe.

The Heidelberg-Kinglake Road is an essential road heading south from Kinglake and is very popular with road cyclists. GPS’ too often direct vehicles via Heidelberg-Kinglake Road – seemingly too often for locals. Heavy vehicles taking this route find there is nowhere to turn around, forcing them to complete the difficult drive, causing much stress to themselves and oncoming traffic. This becomes a real safety issue for all drivers and cyclists.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish knows community members are eager to see major improvements made on the road to limit the risk of accidents and said if the Andrews Labor Government won’t provide the funding, a Matt Guys Liberal Government certainly will.

“Safety upgrades will help protect drivers from the sheer cliff face, blind corners, and tight shoulders that plague the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road and the Liberals will make it happen.”

“There have been too many close calls for drivers using this road and devastatingly, fatalities have taken place.”

“The lack of safety measures in place to protect drivers simply cannot continue. That’s why the Liberals are taking action to improve the road.”

Shadow Minister for Roads, Danny O’Brien has welcomed the planned safety improvement, knowing they are desperately needed on the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road.

“Keeping our roads safe and accessible for drivers has to be a priority. This can be a dangerous road in the best of conditions. It is essential that safety upgrades are made to keep those travelling between St Andrews and Kinglake safe.”


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