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Innovation to plug Victoria’s mobile blackspots

Innovation will be the key in a Liberal and Nationals’ plan to address regional Victoria’s mobile blackspots.

Under a Liberal and Nationals Government, Victorians in areas with poor mobile coverage would be eligible for a rebate to install mobile boosters in vehicles, homes and businesses.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said, “People in the bush have had to put up with dodgy mobile phone connection for too long. This is an exciting program that will really help regional Victorians.”

The subsidy is part of a $150 million Connecting Country Communities program which will see better mobile coverage and broadband services for regional and rural areas.

The $150 million Connecting Country Communities program will address several issues plaguing country communities including mobile blackspots, slow and unreliable broadband services as well as disaster-proofing mobile towers.

The Connecting Country Communities program will also fund works to strengthen mobile towers, allowing people to stay in touch during emergencies.

Ms McLeish continues, “The hilly terrain and blackspots in regional Victoria can make it difficult for people to connect, either they can’t get a signal, or it drops in and out, and it is exacerbated when the area is flooded with tourists. This can be a serious issue in times of emergency and is a challenge for families, kids doing homework and local businesses to overcome.”

“Regional Victorians simply deserve a better connection. This rebate program would make a huge difference.”

The Andrews Labor Government’s current Connecting Victoria program has short-changed regional Victorians, with 28 of 88 programs being within metropolitan Melbourne.


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