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How much funding has Maroondah Dam received?

Maroondah dam may finally get a long overdue facelift, however what that facelift looks like remains a mystery.

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish has been calling for years for the dam to be given the investment it deserves to bring it back to its former glory. Finally, the state government has given an indication through the budget that the dam is on the receiving end of funding, but they have failed to indicate how much.

Speaking in Parliament Ms McLeish called on the Minister for Environment to make public the exact amount to be invested in to Maroondah Dam from the State Budget and let us know when we are likely to see the project start.

Ms McLeish said, “The State Labor Government needs to reveal how much funding is to be received so locals can understand the extent of the works to be done. Are they just going to fix the paths or are we going to see a significant upgrade?”

“Maroondah Dam has been in an appalling state for years. It is run-down, buildings covered in graffiti, fallen branches, cracked pathways, barbeques that don’t work, and shingles are falling off the shade areas.”

Ms McLeish knows the importance of the Maroondah Dam to locals and visitors from all over Victoria, as she pledged to a significant investment in the park area as an election commitment prior to the 2018 state election.

“Maroondah Dam is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. It really does have the potential to be a really beautiful destination – and it is under all the destruction. It needs the funding the help it reach its full potential.”

The State Labor Government has failed to publish the state capital budget 2020-21 which would entail the details of Maroondah Dam funding.


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