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Finally – permanent repair to Badger Weir Picnic Area road

It looks like the long-awaited repairs to the appalling condition of the Badger Weir picnic area road is on the cards. This comes after State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish consistently called on the Minister for Environment in parliament to prioritise the urgent road repair.

Ms McLeish said, “The road repairs are well overdue. The entrance into the picnic area is covered in deep potholes and eroding in parts, making it difficult and dangerous for people to drive over.

“It has been near five months since I first raised this matter with the Minister in parliament and surely enough, the road has become progressively worse over time due to the lack of maintenance.”

The Minister has now advised the long-term repair solutions, which include the installation of a new culvert to improve drainage and re-sealing the road surface are set to commence by March 2021.

Ms McLeish continues, “I had hoped the road would be fixed by the busy summer period to provide easy and safe access for visitors and locals. Disappointingly, summer will most likely be over by the time the repairs commence, leaving the pot-holes as a safety issue during peak season.”

“For months many locals have expressed their frustration at the lack of road maintenance provided to this popular destination. This issue needs to be permanently fixed sooner rather than later,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Temporary repair works to the entrance road were conducted in September 2020 after Ms McLeish first raised the matter with the minister, however due to bad weather conditions the repairs did not last long.


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