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Devlin’s Bridge repairs

Devlin’s Bridge on the Melba Highway is set to receive maintenance after State Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish called on the Minister for Roads to ensure urgent safety measures be made.

Ms McLeish said the current state of the road surface has lost grip and traction, making it incredibly dangerous for drivers.

“I had been contacted by concerned locals who could see the deteriorating condition of the road at Devlin’s Bridge. I know it has been the cause of recent accidents and is a disaster waiting to happen if repairs are not properly addressed.”

“The road is regularly used by truck drivers and many have reported the road is uneven and eroded in parts, which causes their trucks to tilt off course. This is incredibly dangerous,” Ms McLeish said.

The Minister for Roads has advised speed reduction and permanent warning signs have now been installed to warn drivers of low traction road surface. Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) will complete a treatment to restore the skid resistance and surface texture in the coming months and will undertake pavement rehabilitation works on the Melba Highway, north of Devlin’s Bridge.

Ms McLeish continues, “The deteriorating condition of the Melba Highway can not be ignored. The safety of drivers and road maintenance must be a priority.”

As the result of an accident earlier this year, bridge and railing works on Devlin’s Bridge were undertaken.


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