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Daniel Andrews’ new fire service admits it cannot protect regional Victoria

In a shocking revelation, a Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) report has exposed that Labor’s new fire service has “no capacity” to respond to bushfires in regional Victoria.

The Liberal Nationals have warned for years that Daniel Andrews’ war on the CFA would expose the community to a greater risk of loss of life and property.

The report states:

“Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) have no capacity to adequately response (sic) to our bushfire risk within the FRV primary areas or adjoining CFA Districts in the regional locations.”

The report recommends that FRV “lease or loan” tankers from the CFA, and allocate them to stations in larger regional centres, the closest to Yea, Alexandra and Mansfield being Shepparton.

This will potentially leave the CFA without the vehicles it needs to protect the Victorian community, especially areas of high bushfire risk in the Mansfield and Murrindindi Shires.

State Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish MP said, “We know what a critical time bushfire season is to our region. We need all hands-on deck, prepared with the adequate equipment at every CFA brigade station if a blaze were to start.”

“The State Labor Government is pulling the rug out from under regional Victoria. Daniel Andrews is leaving communities exposed as we approach the summer season,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Also stated in the report is:

“Before July 1, it was custom and practise for professional firefighters to support their local community with appropriate vehicles for bushfire response. This service is no longer available, nor is the capacity to protect these communities from fire impacting from adjoining CFA brigade areas.”

Daniel Andrews rushed through his fire service changes to please his mates in the United Firefighters Union (UFU) and now the risk this has caused the community is being exposed.

Minister for Emergency Services, Nick Wakeling said, “Daniel Andrews has put pleasing his mates in the UFU ahead of protecting the Victorian community.

“Labor’s destructive fire service changes are exposing the community to greater risk.


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