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Blind eye turned on Heidelberg-Kinglake Road

The ongoing issue of high-risk accidents and safety treatments on the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road continues to be ignored by the State Labor Government.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish has been relentlessly advocating for safety improvements to be made along the dangerous road before anymore fatalities and accidents take place.

For the fifth time, Ms McLeish wrote to the Minister for Roads, most recently suggesting safety barriers be installed on the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road to help protect vehicles and cyclists from running off the narrow road.

The Minister said, “It is acknowledged there are opportunities to do more” when referring to the current safety of the road and that “building on previous work, the Victorian Government will continue to consider the need for further safety improvements.”

Despite this, the Minister has failed to reveal what will be done or when.

Ms McLeish said of the response, “People really want to know the Labor Government’s plan to improve this road. Clearly, they don’t have one.”

“I recently heard of another car that had gone over the side of the road. Thankfully no one was injured. The next person may not be so lucky and that would be an absolute tragedy because it could be preventable.”

“I have seen recent footage of a near collision between multiple vehicles and a truck. There are many photos of oversized trucks struggling along this road. It is scary stuff.”

Ms McLeish has called for preventions and more signage to stop oversized trucks from travelling along this road.

“The oversized trucks taking this route are a major issue on the road. Truck drivers often unwittingly are putting themselves and other drivers at risk,” Ms McLeish said.

Ms McLeish together with Murrindindi Shire Councillor Ilona Gerencser, requested the Minister for Roads travel the Heidelberg-Kinglake Road himself, to see firsthand the dangerous on this road. The Minister is yet to respond.

Cr Gerencser said, “The increasing traffic, recent fatality of a local resident, constant ‘near misses’, oversized trucks and the fact that the road width is under standard, necessitates urgent action.”

“Words and promises will not save lives, only immediate action!”

“We, the residents and consistent users of this road, are sick of our registration fees being utilised by the government on roads not in our area and want the accidents and deaths to stop,” Cr Gerencser concludes.


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