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Backing regional manufacturing to rebuild careers, communities and confidence

The Victorian Liberal Nationals’ have launched a $2.5 billion Rebuilding Jobs, Bringing Manufacturing Home program, dedicating a $1 billion investment in the future of regional communities.

For years Victorian manufacturing has been on the decline and are now too dependent on overseas manufacturers, which was most evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why the Liberal Nationals are focusing on getting manufacturing back up and running in Victoria.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said regional Victoria will become our state’s manufacturing powerhouse with new career paths for young people and opportunities for businesses to expand and invest.

“Investing in regional manufacturing is a key priority of an elected Liberals and Nationals Government,” Ms McLeish said.

The unprecedented $1 billion regional spend will drive new jobs, strengthen regional economies and restore business confidence at a crucial point in our state’s recovery.

This program will focus on key areas of competitive advantage including; healthcare, food, fibre and beverages, rare earth and mineral processing and will support both short-term expansion and longer-term development opportunities.

It will support businesses to expand or replace imports with manufacturing operations to be located in regional communities, in turn driving new career opportunities in secure, long-term employment.

Ms McLeish continues, “There are so many manufacturing opportunities here in regional Victoria. This program will encourage local manufacturing to expand and develop, while providing businesses with the work rather than importing form overseas.”

“Local careers underpin local communities and we will deliver better choices and more confidence for regional workers and businesses,” Ms McLeish concludes.

The Victorian Liberal Nationals’ plan will reinvigorate small and family businesses across the regions and help rebuild and support communities from the ground up.


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