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Back to school but no photos

Everyone is pretty happy to see kids back at school – but unfortunately the return is soured because Daniel Andrews is not permitting school photos to be taken.

State Member for Eildon and Shadow Minister for Education Cindy McLeish is calling for the State Government to reverse their controversial decision to allow families and students this milestone memory and save the photography industry from collapse.

Ms McLeish said, “Half a million students and hundreds of photographers will miss out on school photos this year due to the Labor Governments irrational decision to ban school photos.”

“Parents, school communities and photographers are all dismayed with this decision.”

“I have been contacted by many school photographers living in fear that this call will be the end of their business.”

Photography businesses are on the brink of collapse due to the COVID-19 restrictions, making them unable to shoot events, weddings or annual school photos.

The industry fears that without the financial income of school photography it may be the final blow for many who have gone without work for six months.

Ms McLeish continues, “Robbing photographers from the financial gain of school photos is grossly unjust. No weddings, no events and now this. How much more is the photography industry expect to take?”

Labors Term 4 Operations Guide for Victorian Government Schools permits regional schools to have overnight school camps, excursions, swimming pool use and play outdoor contact sports. Metropolitan Melbourne schools are allowed pool use and to take part in outdoor non-contact sports. All Victorian schools will be subject to enhanced environmental cleaning, enhanced ventilation and enhanced hygiene facilities.

Ms McLeish continues “How is the brief moment of having a photo taken of any higher risk than other permitted activities? There is no shared equipment and the environment can be monitored.”

“Students have already missed the best part of 6-months of face-to-face learning, not seeing their friends and missing those important milestones.”

“It’s not fair to ask students and their families to sacrifice this meaningful moment too, especially after such a tumultuous year,” Ms McLeish concludes.


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