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Andrews Labor Government forced into another embarrassing backflip

24 March 2022

In a bid to stem the backlash from regional media outlets, the government has backflipped on its requirements around the publication of notices in print newspapers.

Labor previously tried to force through legislative changes that would remove the requirement for the government and councils to publish notices in print newspapers and instead have the option to only publish online.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said circumstances have been tough enough already for regional and suburban newspapers.

“For many, local newspapers are the ‘go to place’ to find out what is happening in their community and what their local council is doing.”

“We know that Victorians in large and small communities across the regions and outer suburbs rely on their local newspaper for information, especially those without a computer or access to the internet.”

“This change would have effectively disconnected communities from their local member or council.”

Victorians are sick of the secrecy and know it’s time for a change in government. A Liberals and Nationals Government will deliver the accountability and transparency that Victorians are entitled to expect.


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