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Andrews Labor Government fails to save endangered species

A new report has revealed the Andrews Labor government’s failure to protect our most endangered species.

The Victorian Auditor-General says the government “cannot demonstrate if, or how well, it is halting further decline in Victoria’s threatened species populations.”

Every Victorian benefits from a healthy and diverse natural environment, yet for years the Andrews Labor Government approach to protecting vulnerable species has been unreliable and underfunded.

The Auditor-General has revealed that funding provided by the Andrews Labor Government to protect threatened species falls significantly short of what is actually needed to achieve meaningful outcomes.

Furthermore, only 49 of Victoria’s 556 critically-endangered species have a dedicated plan to protect against further loss.

The Premier has been yet again caught out putting spin ahead of delivering actual outcomes.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change:

“The Andrews Labor Government is putting spin before substance on protecting Victoria’s biodiversity.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for this government to cripple the timber industry with prosecution and penalties, whilst failing to meet the requirements of the very Act they legislated to strengthen.

“Victorians don’t need more spin but a real plan to better protect our natural environment and save native species from extinction.”


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