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A win for brumbies, the environment and Australia’s heritage

A Liberal Nationals motion targeted to the Labor Government to stop the eradication of Victoria’s brumby population has been successfully pushed through parliament.

Coalition MPs and crossbench MPs voted in favour of cancelling current, and planned, aerial and ground shooting of brumbies.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said this is a win for communities in the High Country who have lobbied hard to protect Australia’s iconic brumbies.

“Community objections to the inhumane culling of brumbies cannot be ignored. People have had enough. The Andrews Labor Government has failed to understand.”

The motion drew attention to the Government’s failure to adhere to its own management plan which included publishing updated population counts of the wild horses.

It also failed to undertake rehoming and trapping of the horses.

The motion now requires the Labor Government to:

· Publicly provide the current brumby numbers in the Barmah and Alpine National Parks,

· Reverse the suspension of trapping and rehoming operations,

· Provide approval to volunteer brumby rehoming organisations and

· Cancel current or planned brumby shooting operations, especially those leaving carcases to decompose on public land.

Ms McLeish continues, “Unlike Labor, the Liberals and Nationals will rule out the aerial and ground shooting

of brumbies. We will deliver a humane, sustainable approach to population management.”

“Brumbies are an iconic part of Victorian High Country and of our State’s cultural identity.”


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